B’Lingo comes from the word “BOLINGO” which means, “love” in Lingala, an African language whose melodies have conquered the world.

Inspired by this evocative word, the brand is specialized in active wear, and swimwear for women . An ode to all the feminine curves! 

B’Lingo creations are designed for dynamic women all over the world who wish to look unique and feel as comfortable as possible in every situation without giving away their elegance !

The brand evokes the heart of Africa, cradle of humanity. Through its unique choice of prints and luxurious fabrics, B’Lingo combines African cultural roots and modernity.


Everything in Africa breathes life and color. From the tribes to the houses, from the facial paintings to the carpets and vases – everything is an inspiration to us. Every little detail magically immerses itself in our patterns and colors because we are more than just fabric and clothing.

We are the culture, habits, aspirations, desires, rituals, emotion and history of the continent where humanity was born, all transformed into a singular brand. In us, you will find the perfect balance of tradition and modernity, shaped perfectly to fit your lifestyle with grace and enjoyment.